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Case Studies

In our portfolio, you can browse success stories of our clients in various industries. Our company is always ready to create a successful Mobile-Apps and IoT Products for you.

Bladder Flow is a Uroflowmeter for home use, which eliminates the need for direct handling of urine. It is a digital health solution enabling you to automate the bladder diary system consists of the Flow device and the Flow app.

SwitchApp allows the user to connect to the datalogger onsite without cables to change everything from transmission intervals to Modbus baud rates. The app is designed to connect your Android or Apple device to any of the Switch datalogger family through Bluetooth connectivity.

One Model Place is a creative pool for models, photographers, and creative talents in fashion, scouted by industry professionals, for castings and work. Clients can review your online portfolio and Instagram feed, and make direct bookings

A Logistics automation product that helps any logistics company with fewer and more vehicles to monitor and manage them. Also To manage the order by providing them total tracking details through GPS, it provides a payment facility and generates the advance payment slips. It provides the details regarding faulty vehicles and their maintenance details.

Top7 is a restaurant app, which brings simplicity back. Only view the top 7 Restaurants, Bars & Clubs across the most famous travel sites around the world. Build your search from google ratings, your friend's ratings, and expert users. Your leaderboard based on how your network rated them. Create your lists and share them with friends.

Global Luxury Villas is a website that lets you book hotels and villas for the cost-conscious travelers seeking online villa rentals with a great value proposition.

The 0.07% brings together elite jet setters from around the world to chat, party, and travel together. All inner circle members are hand-selected and individually approved; only the crème of society is eligible to join - celebrities, models, and verified high net worth multi-millionaires. As part of the clique, you’ll gain access to the Top 0.07% of the world and can join them at their trips and parties around the world.

Villazzo realty is established as a global real-estate leader committed to helping elite customers find their ultra-luxury homes in the most exclusive communities of Aspen, South Florida, and St. Tropez. Made up of a team of savvy and dedicated professionals, Villazzo is an expert in luxury rentals, seller’s, and buyer’s markets.

Depression is a leading cause of disability and suffering worldwide. 300 million people suffer from depression globally, costing the world economy USD 1 trillion in lost productivity. It is a User-friendly platform to enable earlier interventions by the clinician, which uses Clinically validated algorithms to quantify stress in real-time providing Reporting system for the clinician